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Walla Walla in Washington State is a wonderful place both to live and to visit.

Rich in history, the Walla Walla Valley has four distinct seasons and is well known for its art, theaters, wineries, farming and great outdoor adventures. Our region is particularly famous for its wine, sweet onions and wheat. We are also proud of our thriving economy, educated workforce and culture-rich and family-friendly community.

History & Culture

Walla Walla was one of five cities nationally to receive a “Great American Main Street” award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2001. We have reconnected with our past, invigorated our retail district and created a downtown that is culturally rich and artistically alive.

Where is Walla Walla, Washington?

You will find the Walla Walla Valley nestled in the southeastern corner of Washington state, at the foot of the beautiful Blue Mountains.

What does Walla Walla mean?

Our unusual name is said to have Native American roots, and according to at least one legend means "many waters."

Walla Walla Airport?

We are more accessible than you may think. The Walla Walla Regional Airport has commercial air services to Seattle Washington and Boise Idaho. Both cities are less than 275 miles away from Walla Walla.

Walla Walla Weather

Our average, Walla Walla weather temperatures range from 32 to 89 degrees. The Walla Walla Valley enjoys approximately 260 days of sunshine per year. The weather pattern provides wonderful days in the city of Walla Walla, in Milton-Freewater, and the rest of the surrounding areas.


Walla Walla County's population is approximately 56,700 people with Walla Walla being the area’s largest city.

Places to stay

Walla Walla and neighbouring Milton-Freewater have a large range of places to stay, from hotels and motels to inns and bed & breakfasts. See our list of Walla Walla hotels, which includes the historic Marcus Whitman Hotel.

Downtown & events

Main Street is the heart of downtown Walla Walla. Its historic buildings house an eclectic mix of restaurants, galleries and shops along with a variety of local treasures, including the Farmers Market, Summer Concert series, numerous parades, plus the many weekend events. Here is a calendar of Walla Walla's upcoming events or visit our blog with ideas for 365 Things To Do In Walla Walla, Washington.


Walla Walla has 14 public parks sprinkled throughout the city. Beautiful trees, green grass, ponds, ducks and geese, along with abundant recreation areas are among some of the features our parks have to offer. Here are some of Walla Walla’s best parks and their main facilities. There are also great walking and biking paths and golf courses. Read more about outdoor activities in Walla Walla.


With a commitment to education, our educational system has invested heavily in the future by developing outstanding public and private schools for K-12 and college students alike. Our elementary and high schools are among the finest in the nation, and we recently received a blue-ribbon ranking from Expansion Management magazine for the way our students are prepared to enter the workforce. See our list of Walla Walla schools and colleges.


Walla Walla has the pervasive academic influence of three colleges that have defined this community for decades, Walla Walla College, Whitman College, and Walla Walla Community College.


Walla Walla County's farm industry has grown and diversified to meet the ever-changing marketplace. Wheat and the ever-increasing amount of grapes for wine juice are grown on many agriculture acres. Other crops include alfalfa for seed, apples, asparagus, barley, canola, carrots, cherries, corn, garbanzo beans, green peas, hay, mustard, potatoes, poplar trees, onions and spinach.

Wine & Wineries

The climate, soil and conditions of the Walla Walla Valley make this appellation ideal for growing grapes of superb quality. The wines from the valley have earned national and international recognition from publications such as Bon Appetit, Decanter, Gourmet, International Wine Cellar, Sunset Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Today more than 69 wineries are operating the Valley and more than 1,200 acres of vineyards have become part of the agriculture landscape. Experience what the grapes in the Walla Walla Valley have to offer by going on wine tours or participating in a wine tasting. See this list of Walla Walla wineries.

Art Scene

Walla Walla valley is a community rich in history, art, music, theater and dance. The community has made a significant commitment to the arts with its art galleries, gift shops, and winery tasting rooms.

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