Williams Team Homes is pleased to offer® (MSR), an easy to use comprehensive tenant screening service. MSR is an applicant initiated screening product – meaning the applicant orders the report on themselves and shares the report with their broker/landlord through a secure sharing platform. Create your account today!


it's easy

Reusable Tenant Screening Reports® tenant screening reports may be shared with one or more broker/landlords (via MSR’s secure system) for 30 days from the report completion date – for which there is no additional charge. Credit is pulled each time the report is shared – ensuring the landlord is looking at the most current data available. MSR credit inquiries are soft – meaning they do not impact the applicant’s credit score.


These reports meet the requirements of a “COMPREHENSIVE REUSABLE TENANT SCREENING REPORT” as defined by the Washington State Residential Landlord Tenant Act (RLTA) – RCW 59.18.030.


Note:  Tenant screening reports are process by Moco Incorporated dba®. Please contact® directly with specific questions related to reports.