Buyers Information

Put an experienced Buyer Representative to work for you..

The Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) designation is the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation and has been awarded to Scott and Brenda Williams for meeting the specified educational and practical experience criteria.

Helping you find the right home, in the desired location, in a price range that is in your budget is no small task. The Williams' team is a team of licensed professionals with specialized skills to help make the home buying process go smoothly. They can provide information and make appointments to see almost any property listed for sale or those for sale by unrepresented sellers. Once you find the property you want to purchase, they will guide you through the negotiation, legalities and details of purchasing a home.

Selecting Your Home….

Evaluate your specific needs and wants. Search out properties that meet those specifications. We will watch daily for listings that meet your criteria.

Provide market data to help you establish an offering price

Structure your offer to match your needs for terms, conditions, deposits, and possession date.

Negotiate with sellers. We will construct a strategy to create the best possible price, terms, and condition.

Handle all of the details such as disclosures, inspections, repairs, and Title issues.

We will work closely with your lender up through closing.

Assure professional representation through out the home buying process.

Mail you a second copy of your settlement statement at the first of the following year for tax purposes.

How much home can you afford?

(Print this page or click here to use our online payment calculator)

Before you start looking at homes, it is a good idea to get pre-qualified for a price range that you can afford. This worksheet will give you an estimate of what you can afford. It is always best to talk to a mortgage lender prior to shopping for a home.

Monthly gross income (before taxes) _______

Many lenders will not allow you to
spend more than 28% of your monthly
gross income on housing expenses __ ×.28 ______

Maximum monthly
housing expense allowance: _ =_$ ________

Many lenders will not allow you
to spend more than 36% of
your monthly gross income on
lLong term debt:

Total monthly debt, not including housing: $_________
(This includes auto loans, credit cards, child support, etc.)

Add housing allowance from above +________

Total: =_______

(This total should be no more than 36% of your monthly gross income.
For accurate loan information it is best to consult a mortgage lender.

Once you have found the home you want to buy, together we will complete a purchase and sale agreement. This contract outlines the details of your property transfer. It usually consists of the following pages:

  • Agency disclosure
  • Earnest Money receipt
  • Financing addendum
  • Inspection addendum
  • Lead-based paint disclosure (on homes built before 1978)
  • Real Property 5 page Disclosure
  • Conditions and/or contingency addendum

Closing the transaction…

The closing date is when both buyer and seller have signed all the paperwork, the settlement fees have been paid, and the documents have been recorded.

The following are typical settlement fees for a buyer:

The buyer will receive a credit for their earnest money deposit

The buyer will pay:

  • One-half of the escrow fee
  • Document preparation fees
  • Recording and notary fees
  • Lenders portion of Title Insurance fee
  • Home inspection fees agreed to be paid by buyer
  • Loan, credit report, and appraisal fees
  • Pro-rated insurance and property tax fees